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Saison d'erpe-Mere

The Saison d'Erpe-Mere is a type of saison, a signature specialty of Hainaut, with an alcohol content of 6.5%. It has a slightly veiled, straw yellow color and a stable white head. The beer has a hoppy aroma with citrus notes, and a subtle but fine bitterness. It is known for its strong effervescence.


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This blonde beer has an alcohol content of 9.0% and is characterized by a veiled intense yellow color with a firm, fine-grained white head. The beer offers a full-bodied experience with hop acidity, slight alcohol sweetness, a hoppy aroma and a long finish.


The Scotch has an alcohol content of 8.7% and presents itself with a reddish-brown color and a creamy, off-white head. It offers an aroma of banana and raisins, followed by a powerful and dry finish.

Cuvée Angelique

The Dubbel Special Belge has an alcohol content of 8.3% and presents itself in a red copper hue with an off-white fine-grained head. The beer offers a caramel malty character, dry with noticeable bitterness, and finishes with a long finish in which subtle hops notes can be tasted.

Jan De Lichte

This Witbier has an alcohol content of 7.0% and is characterized by a slightly veiled, pale color with a white head. It offers an aroma of grapefruit with hints of coriander, a spicy taste and a long dry finish.

Ondineke, oilsjtersen tripel

This Tripel has an alcohol content of 8.5% and is distinguished by its golden blond color, firm head, full-bodied flavor with soft hop accents and a silky texture with fine pearling, leading to a rounded finish.

Saison d'Erpe-Mere

Saison d’Erpe-Mere is a Hainaut speciality with 6.5% alcohol, characterised by a slightly veiled straw yellow colour, hoppy citrus aroma, fine bitterness and strong effervescence.