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In 2014, more precisely on November 11, brewery De Glazen Toren in Erpe-Mere, Belgium, celebrates its tenth anniversary. Within ten years the initiative of the brew masters Jef Van den Steen and Dirk De Pauw, both graduates of the Ghent Brewery School CTL, along with a third partner, Mark De Neef, has grown from a brewing hobby into a successful, professional company.

The brewery has emerged strongly export-oriented, including bulk shipments of all beers to the USA and major vessel deliveries to Italy and recently to Japan. In Sweden, De Glazen  Toren has been recognized as a  national supplier by the State Importer”Systembolaget”. Other countries include Canada (British Columbia), Austria, Denmark, and since 2014 Australia as well.

For some time, the brewery has also been working as a supplier of the retail group “Delhaize” to further strengthen its position on the domestic market.

The brewery uses a new 27 HL brewhouse, built in Germany according to the plans of the brew masters of De Glazen Toren.


The recipe of the steady growth should no doubt be sought in the mission of the brewery. De Glazen Toren stands for brewing unfiltered quality beers in a time-honoured, traditional manner in a very modern brewery, with the use of only the best ingredients, and without any additions or artificial means.


Brewery De Glazen Toren

Glazentorenweg 11, 9420 Erpe-Mere
+32 53 83 03 80
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HRA: 71501
VAT: 478 337 286
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