Flavor profile analysis Saison d’Erpe Mere

Saison impresses with its heavy white head and its strong fizzy moisture. The beer looks light yellow and there is a mystical veil. This points to the beer not being filtered. The seasonal beer has an explicit bitterness. This bitterness is citruslike in the nose, dry and soft in the mouth and the long aftertaste reminds us of gin bitter. A lovely wheat freshness is present. In the background we taste a nice balanced fruit flavor(geranium, ripe lemon) and spiciness. The alcohol percentage of 6.9% masks the underlying flavor.

Time : 15 min

Number of persons : 6

Ingredients: 250 grams smoked trout fillet, 50 grams steamed beetroot, 1 small jona gold apple, 15 grams grated horseradish, 30 grams sour cream, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, 3 grams dill, 2 grams sesame seed, 6 beetroot leaves (optional), pepper and salt

Preparation :

Open the packaging of the trout fillets and place on a plate.

Remove the beetroot from the vacuum packaging. Collect the beetroot juice in a bowl, mix with olive oil and cider vinegar and season with pepper and salt. Mix shortly with a handmixer. Mix the mayonnaise with the horseradish and the sour cream in a small cup and set aside.

Cut 1⁄2 of beetroot into cubes and slice the other half. Peel the apple and remove the core. Then cut the apple into fine cubes as well and add to the beetroot. Chop the fresh dill and mix with the apple –beetroot salad, sesame seed and some spoons of vinaigrette.

Arrange some of the salad on a plate. Put the trout fillet on top. Finish off with the horseradish mayonnaise, some sprigs of dill, slices of beetroot, beetroot leaves and some drops of vinaigrette.

Beerpairing :

The macro beer flavor components contrast to a balance. This is achieved by playing with the sweet-sour balance on the one hand sweetened by apple and beetroot and on the other hand by adding extra freshness with the cider vinegar and the sour cream. The marked bitterness is softened by using sour cream, olive oil, mayonnaise and an oil-rich fish. Apple, poppy seed , dill, horseradish connect to the fruity, flowery and spicy hop touches.This lifts the combination of tastes to a higher level. Enjoy!

 Text and recipe by Karl Van Malderen