open house

The die is cast : on 11 November 2014 our brewery will throw open its doors! That day it will be exactly ten years ago that the brewery Glazen Toren was officially opened by the then mayor Etienne Lepage, the alderman of Aalst Dirk De Meerleer and professor emeritus Gilbert Baetslé. The last few years there were no longer any brewery visits because of the continuous expansion of the company.  So now is the outstanding opportunity to see the equipment and receive some information about the working of the brewery during a guided tour. Getting acquainted with the development of a hobby brewery into a most modern small company that exports to the USA, Japan, Italy, Scandinavia, British Columbia, Australia, Austria …  is certainly +worth the travel to Erpe-Mere. Keep an eye on the web

-12 August 2014-

News about Ondineke, Oilsjtersen Tripel!


As from September the Delhaize group will introduce a second Glazen Toren beer. Ondineke, Oilsjtersen Tripel, will be the second beer to find its way to the store shelves of Delhaize, next to Saison d’Erpe Mere. A few months ago the beer was provided with a beautifully styled new wrap. The golden tripel, rated with a score of 94/100 on the American and perceived as “exceptional” by the other American ratingsite, will only be put on sale in the  Delhaizes of East Flanders for the moment. In September further talks will be conducted with Delhaize concerning a very intense cooperation.

-12 August 2014-

Expansion of the Italian market

At the end of May De Glazen Toren was the guest of the big Northern Italian importer DAPIAN in Treviso, Venice.  As a result of the success of the Glazen Toren beers in Northern Italy and Tuscany to Rome, the importer asked for the exclusive rights for the distribution throughout the whole of Italy. Given the close and smooth cooperation with the firm DAPIAN, this was agreed on.  Within a few months it will be possible to drink a Jan De Lichte, double whitebeer or a Saison d’Erpe-Mere in let’s say Sicily or Sardinia.


-12 August 2014-

Lentebier on its way


In the meantime Lentebier is being brewed. The Lentebier will only be on restricted offer because of the great demand from Sweden and the USA. The period and means of sale in our regions will be announced in  our newsletter.


-09 January 2014-

Beer to Australia

experienceIt importeert in Australië

Our Australian antipodes will also be able to enjoy Glazen Toren beers. In January a first shipment was sent via the Italian harbor Genua throught the Suez Canal and will arrive in February. The import goes through the firm Experience, It.beverage Australia.

-08 January 2014-

Export to Japan

exort naar Osaka

From this year on De Glazen Toren is working together with the big Japanese importer OHTSUKI CO LT from Osaka. End of January, a complete sea container will leave for Japan for the first time. 288 kegs of Saison, Ondineke, Jan de Lichte and Canaster will leave for a long voyage to the far-off Japan. In Japan the beers will be served in the new Glazen Toren glass.


ベルギービール直輸入・販売 大月酒店

沖 俊彦   Toshihiko Oki
〒564-0001 大阪府吹田市岸部北5-10-35 
TEL:06-6387-9178  FAX:06-6387-9175 

-08 January 2014-

USA bulk transport

USA tanktransport

On 31 May around 6.30 am 3500 litres of Saison d’Erpe-Mere and 3500 litres of Jan De Lichte were pumped into the B.United Inc LTD tankcontainer 001 to be shipped to the USA where the beer will be filled into kegs to supply about 32 American states. In the USA the Glazen Toren beers will also be available in 37.5cl bottles, more specifically for restaurants.

-20 June 2013-

Glazen Toren beer in Delhaize

In February 2013 brewery De Glazen Toren became an official supplier of supermarket Delhaize. All Delhaizeshops (Delhaize itself as well as AD Delhaize and Proxi Delhaize) will be supplied. All shops will sell Saison d’Erpe-Mere, the shops in Aalst will also offer Ondineke, Oilsjtersen Tripel.

 A number of supermarkets will organise tastings at previously announced moments.

-20 June 2013-